Chairperson  - Chris Bourne 178
Vice Chairperson - Julian Sanders 80

I joined Warwickshire and Solihull Blood Bikes in August of 2017. A keen motorcyclist, I love nothing more than being out on my bike.

During the day I operate my own business as a Lighting Consultant, delivering commercial projects of all shapes and sizes throughout the Midlands. I am married to Kate and between us we have 3 grown up children and reside in the countryside of South Warwickshire.

Being appointed Chair is a great honour and I look forward to leading the team over the coming months in adapting to the new normal and delivering our excellent customer service to new and existing clients.

Hopefully we will be able to be back out spreading the word over the next couple of months, but if you are potential volunteers, sponsors or clients, please get in touch where either I or one of the team will be glad to assist.


Treasurer - George Dye 17
Secretary -  Hilary Young 19

My husband joined the newly formed Blood Bike group in Warwickshire in early 2012, and when later that year he said they were in need of a Treasurer I joined too, and put my hand up for the post. Since then I have mainly contributed by being a controller, with some time as a Trustee in other roles. I also help at fundraising events.

Membership Secretary - Mark Pavey 169

Having been in the Army for many years I am very familiar with "being on call"; ready to be called out at a moment's notice and being able to switch on to a task at any time of the day or night. Providing this service to the NHS ticks the social responsibility box for me. My passion for riding motorbikes and passing my Advanced Rider certificate resulted in the next obvious step of joining the WSBB team.

As the WSBB Memberships Officer, I look forward to supporting the WSBB Committee; the WSBB Members and hearing from those of you that are thinking about joining us.

Please get in touch

Training Officer - Mark Lavery 23

Fleet Manager - Rob Corbett 124

I've been a member of the WSBB Charity since May 2017 and I'm in awe of what the WSBB members and local communities do to support  both us and the NHS.

As a qualified Vehicle Technician, I've stepped up as Fleet Manager. Most of my working career has been in either Fleet Operations or Aviation and I’m currently in full time employment as a Fleet Costings Manager, for a company that manages in excess of 100,000 vehicles.

As WSBB’s Fleet Manager I am now responsible for keeping our fleet safely on the road and performing to its capacity. Running all year in adverse weather conditions can be challenging for both our vehicles and members.

I'm privileged to have my own motorbike; my wife Jo works in the motor trade and also holds a full bike licence with her own 1000cc superbike. Jo is very supportive especially in the middle of a peaceful night when the phone rings on full volume and the lights go on……😬

Rota Manager - Peter Passmore 21
Hospital Liaison/NABB Representative - Martin Williams 05

Hi I'm the Rota Manager, I am also one of WSBB's Controllers.

I have been a member since 2013, my inspiration for joining the group was the fact that my son Brian was part of the original team that set the group up in 2012.

Part of my job is to manage and monitor the rota of volunteers ensuring any blank spaces on the system are covered.

Events Manager -