Chairperson  - Phil Mason

My Name is Phil Mason and I have taken up the position of Chair for WSBB.

Since the youthful age of 16, I have been a passionate motorcyclist. Some people do say I have motorcycle addiction as at the last count I have had in the region of 40 motorcycles during my riding lifetime! 

I first became associated with WSBB (then known as Warwickshire Freewheelers) in 2014 when Lynda my wife first joined the Committee, this got me involved with fundraising activities and finding out all about the charity.

In April 2019 I was asked to join the Committee as Secretary, a position I held for 15 months.


I am looking forward to my time as Chair and along with the other committee members intend to push the group forward and keep achieving our goal of  “Riding to Save Lives and provide a free service to the NHS!"

Vice Chairperson - James Glover
Secretary -  Bob Badland
Treasurer - George Dye

Fleet Manager - Rob Corbett

Training Officer - Mark Lavery
Hospital Liaison/NABB Representative - Martin Williams
Membership Secretary - Don O'Brien
Rota Manager - Peter Passmore

Events/Fundraising - Phil Evans