Gamma Pharmaceutical

Sharon Thomas-Jones of Gamma Pharmaceuticals delivered clinical cleaning and protection products to WSBB today. Her company is kindly supporting WSBB during the Covid period helping us to keep our volunteers safe and healthy.

RePHILL Restart

Last night saw the first delivery since lockdown for the Air Ambulance RePHILL service. WSBB deliver much needed blood supplies to the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance during the week. Andrew (WSBB193) completed the handover to Kelly (Air Crew) #itswhatwedo #heroesinhelmets #RidingToSaveLives #airambulance #helimed53

Ambleside Donation

At the beginning of lockdown we posted about WSBB member Angelo (WSBB135) and his Son Luca who helped raise much needed funds for our charity. Yesterday members of our team collected a cheque from Ambleside Care Home in Stratford-Upon-Avon for £1000.

Triumphant Hero

"I would like to thank Lorna Andrew for nominating me for Triumph Motorcycle Outstanding Services Award to the community during the Covid-19 crisis. This was for volunteering at WSBB delivering blood and samples free of charge for the NHS. I am one of many people volunteering to help this charity and the NHS. Thank you Triumph Motorcycles for my hamper and certificate" - Martin Paulley (WSBB35)

Another Great Team Effort

Job 9348/183 in safe hands for delivery from UHCW to NHSBT, Vincent Drive at 05.00am. Andrew (WSBB193) headed East to Rugby, Alan (WSBB104) headed West to Birmingham. Another great team effort with Richard (WSBB183) at the Controller post.

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