Keep On Running!

we recently found out about a fundraiser for WSBB called Goutam Potadar. We have an update on his travels:

"Glad to say that I have successfully completed 150KM today including 6km of bare feet running. Still 1 day to go and I would complete rest of 4KM bare-feet on 30th. Thanks a ton for all those who have contributed so far.

As some of you might know I have this kick to run long distances and after running few half marathons over last few years I have decided to pursue new challenge - Run 150KM in a month which sounds a long distance but break by days - 5KM/day ... Not bad huh !!

To make it little more challenging I would run the last 10KM bare feet which has been my goal for sometime but never got real kick to go for it. But this time it's definitely happening".

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