What a Hero

Don O'brien went on a once in a lifetime motorbike tour of the famous Route 66 with his old pal Larry for 20 days back on September 4th.

Don pledged that if he was sponsored to do so he will refrain from shaving his face and grow a beard throughout the duration of their trip until the evening of 24th September!

This may sound easy, however Don has shaven his stubble from his face EVERY morning since he was a Youth! He openly admits that it was torture to go an hour without shaving his face every morning, so the idea of not shaving for a while 3 weeks was a true challenge!

Don has volunteered with WSBB for many years and has recently stepped down from being our Treasurer but remains truly involved and has first hand knowledge of the good we do and for that reason he took up the challenge!

We are pleased to announce that he raised a whopping £618.75 - Thanks Don

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