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The Warwickshire and Solihull Blood Bikes is a registered charity governed by a committee of Trustees who have a legal responsibility to ensure the charity meets its aims and objectives while complying with all regulatory requirements.

Our Trustees

Our trustees are entrusted with the duty of acting in the best interests of the charity, its beneficiaries, and the public. They must adhere to legal and ethical standards while overseeing the charity's operations and finances. They are responsible for safeguarding the charity's assets, promoting transparency, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, trustees may be involved in fundraising, advocating for the charity's mission, and representing the charity to stakeholders and the wider community. 

Executive Committee


Phil Mason


Don O'Brien

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-30 at 00.21.33.jpg

Chris Grigg

Non-Executive Committee

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-29 at 23.25.20.jpg

Paul Hewitson

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