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Our riders are the heart and soul of the charity. Each and every one of our blood bikers, controllers and fundraisers are unpaid volunteers  who give their time to support their local community and provide this life-saving service to the NHS for free.

Jo Height

Rider 171

Travel Trainer and lover of mushrooms

Favourite Bike: A working bike!

I joined the Blood Bikers in 2018  (I think, it's been a while!), after a close friend told me about the charity and others around the country. I wanted to help where I could and join a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to do good and help others. I feel immensely proud to be a blood bikers, knowing that I am potentially helping to save lives each time I get on the bike. 

Would you recommend it?

Definitely, just do it! It's a great experience and wonderful group of men and women.

After a long sabbatical from motorbikes (22 years!) I decided to get back into biking and as a thank you to the NHS after helping me through my cancer treatment and I wanted to say thank you on two wheels. My most memorable moment in the charity was completing an early hours job, seeing the surgeon waiting for me as I arrived to take the blood right into the theatre, I'll never forget that. I encourage anyone to join up and share the pride and the passion of the job!

Would you recommend it?

Yes. You'll be joining a great team who will help you reach your goals and work to deliver a great service which saves the NHS a small fortune!


Chris W

Rider 258

Favourite Bike: Honda CB1100 5Four 


Oli W 

Rider 338

Favourite Bike: Kawasaki Z900rs

I joined WSBB in January after wanting to give some time to a charity close to my heart which also happens to combine my recently found love of motorcycling.  When our daughter was born prematurely she benefitted from donated milk which I found was something that WSBB give their time to collect and deliver to milk banks. 


Having been called out to deliver urgent test samples, transfusions as well as blood to the Air Ambulance and hospitals I have felt proud to be a part of the team each and every time I have completed a job. 

Would you recommend it?

I have met some lovely like-minded people too so would encourage anyone to get involved if they want to give some free time to help a wonderful service like the NHS and/or the Air Ambulance.

I joined in October '20 after the passing of my mother during COVID and I wanted to give something back. I was actively looking to join a charity for a while but couldn't find the right place but after I passed my ROSPA motorbike advance training, I knew blood bikes was the place to be. Riding is my hobby and I love meeting like minded people who want to help others too. This is a huge part of my life and it fille me with pride everyday, my mindset is all about putting other people first and the blood bikes let me do exactly that. every day. 

Would you recommend it?

Join and do whatever you can as kittle or as much as you can and you will be supported every part if your journey within the team. 

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Paul H

Nuclear Power Station Outage

IT Site Manager

Favourite Bike: Kawasaki 1400 GTR 


Graham Crump

Rider 159

Retired (...sort of)

Favourite Bike: Still Undecided!

I'm meant to be retired! But are we ever fully retired? I joined up in 2018 and haven't looked back since. I'm a great believe in our NHS and get fed up with the bad press it gets sometimes and I wanted to help in anyway that I could. Between blood bike shifts, I (try) to play golf on a regular basis and also love to play Walking Football, which is not as easy as it sounds!

Every call out is unique and you never know who you could be helping by doing this type of work.

Would you recommend it?

Give it a go, even if you do not ride there are valuable contributions they can make, controlling, driving, raising funds and the opportunity to meet up with like minded members.

It's a privilege to be a member and the prospect of becoming one provided me with a huge incentive to become more confident in my riding. Making a contribution really adds to my quality of life. At the moment I'm learning the trade as a rider, but looking forward to getting involved in fundraising events and doing some Controlling.

I currently ride a Honda CBF1000 which I've been very happy with. At least I was until I rode the charity's own FJR1300 last week - made my bike feel like a bicycle!

Would you recommend it?

Whatever your motivation, you can bring something to the group! If you are drawn by the love of motorcycling, this is the charity for you. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-15 at 19.29.06.jpg


Rider 351

Compliance Manager

Favourite Bike: Kawasaki ZZR

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